Protect Your Truck’s Undercarriage This Coming Winter Season
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Winter season is almost here and probably one of your main concerns is how to protect your truck’s undercarriage from salt. Though the truck’s body was made to withstand road salt through its protective coating and paint, the undercarriage is not. This only means that road salt can get in since the undercarriage is left exposed to the road. The salt can corrode the exposed metal and lead to rust over time. Rusty parts tend to fail and can become extremely dangerous on the brake and fuel lines found in the undercarriage. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas suggests that in order to protect your truck’s undercarriage from road salt, washing and waxing is a must.


Washing your truck’s undercarriage is the easiest way to remove the salt. Using a simple garden hose is the cheapest way to go. What you can do is to take the hose, get under your truck and just spray into the undercarriage. It will get rid of the salt though it may be a dirty job for you. If you are not up for it, many gas stations and auto body shops can do it for you. Remember that if you go with the car wash, avoid using recycled water since it will be salty. It is better if you do the washing before and after the winter. It is also a good idea if you also wash your undercarriage after snowstorms.


Using wax and other sealants protects your undercarriage. It forms a protective barrier that prevents salt from accumulating. Make sure to wax before winter season begins to avoid sealing in salt and other debris that may already be there. If you opt to do waxing during winter, just remember to thoroughly clean the undercarriage before doing so.

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