Protective Bumper Replacements for Your Truck
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The bumper might seem like such an ordinary part of a truck that one is tempted to take it for granted. However, this unassuming metal or rubber bar that is attached to the front or back end of your vehicle actually plays a major role in protecting you and other people who are riding your truck. Did you know that it absorbs that impact or shock during a collision? By doing so, it minimizes the possibility of death and injuries to drivers and passengers alike during auto accidents. It also minimizes the damage to the body of the vehicle. However, in the process of taking the brunt of an accident, the bumper can get damaged beyond repair.

Even if this happens, there’s no need to worry. Longhorn Truck Accessories offers bumper replacements for your truck. There are replacement models for Chevy trucks, such as 2011 Chevy 2500HD/3500 and 07-10 CHEVY with Punch Plate 1500/2500HD/3500. Bumper replacements are also available for Dodge trucks, like the 2010-11 2500/3500 and 2010 2500/3500. You may get replacements, such as 2011 SUPERDUTY and 08 SUPERDUTY, for your Ford truck as well. There is a bumper replacement too for the Toyota truck, namely the 06-09 Tundra Replacement.

Longhorn Truck Accessories is your source of bumper replacements, as well as many other heavy duty truck accessories, if you are in the San Antonio or Atascosa County. Call 1(210)682-2220 if there are specific products for your truck that you cannot find in Longhorn’s current selection.

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