Take Your Pick: BAK Tonneau Covers (PART 2)
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Here is the continuation of the different types of BAK tonneau covers you can get at Longhorn Truck Accessories:

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Rolling Tonneau Covers

Rolling tonneau covers are amongst the most popular of all tonneau covers styles, because of their clean appearance, ease of use, ease of operation, functional overall value and perhaps most importantly, their ability to provide quick and easy access to the entire truck bed without blocking the rear window of the truck. The difference between a BAK Industries rolling cover and all others in the world, is the fact that BAK rolling tonneau covers are hard and not soft. The patented designs of BAK rolling tonneau covers ensure that our rolling truck bed covers can handle heavy duty loads of weight, are incredibly secure, and never flop around in wind or while driving. They also provide unparalleled advantage through their superior functionality, fit and overall performance. Combining the value of a soft tonneau cover with the security of a hard tonneau cover is what you’ll find in a BAK Industries Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover. From their flush fitting contours to the security of our heavy duty extruded aluminum slats, to the refinement of our DURABAK vinyl coatings that cover the aluminum, BAK rolling tonneau covers blow away any other rolling covers in the industry. All BAK covers are made 100% in the USA with components sourced in the USA as well.

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Retractable Tonneau Covers

Retractable tonneau covers are popular the world over for their wonderful convenience, ease of operation and their ability to afford you virtually complete access to the entire truck bed whenever you need it. BAK retractable tonneau covers, like the RollBak G2 are extremely well built. They are strong and comprised of a series of aluminum slats, interlinked together to create a full cover across the bed of the truck. BAK retractable tonneau covers retract into a canister that is spring loaded. Most of the canisters are less than 9 inches in size, so they take up very little space in the back of the truck. BAK Retractable tonneau covers are all felt lined underneath for a pin-drop quiet ride and are built to withstand severe temperatures and every day heavy use.

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