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You might wonder why your truck seems to sag whenever you are hauling or towing heavy cargo. The reason behind this is that a common truck’s factory suspension system is static. It uses steel coil or leaf springs calibrated for a specific condition. Most half-ton pickup trucks are not meant to carry heavy loads daily, thus truck manufacturers built the suspension wherein the driver will feel comfortable without a cargo in tow. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t mean that a truck won’t be able to do heavy towing and hauling. The suspension needs to be changed so it can best match a specific driving condition without exceeding your truck’s gross vehicle weight rating.

The market today offers a lot of heavy duty truck accessories which are meant to assist added load. Most of them can effectively solve the squat problem but results to challenges when it comes to factory suspension. They can only calibrate a truck for a single driving state, resulting to an uncomfortable ride whenever the driver switches back to a load-less state.  

Air springs or air bags can be adjusted accordingly – with or without a haul. It works with the truck’s existing suspension to still maintain the level of the vehicle to normal ride which lessens the squat hazards and the static suspension inconvenience. By simply inflating or deflating the air springs, you can adjust the air suspension according to your need. An on-board air compressor system or a Schrader valve used to inflate a car’s set of tires can be conveniently used to adjust the air springs.

If you are in San Antonio and looking for a shop wherein you can go get hold of a good air spring product, just head to Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories.  Longhorn has partnered with AirLift company to bring you specialized air suspension products – including  air springs, brackets, fittings and all mounting hardware to solve your truck’s squat problems. Longhorn chose AirLift since they are the best when it comes to specialized in air suspension since 1949. Don’t hesitate; call us to find out more!

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