The BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner is now available at Longhorn Truck Accessories.
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Longhorn Truck Accessories now carries the full line of BG Products. Over the next few weeks we will cover each product. We will go into detail about how these great products not only help you get better gas mileage, but also extend the life of your engine.  BG products are known for standing behind their products with their exclusive warranty. This week we will be discussing the 44k Fuel System Cleaner.  More information on the topics covered can be found on BG Products web site.

The BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner works by breaking down carbon deposits in your engine and fuel system. These deposits build up over time and inhibit the intake valves. The deposits can cause hesitation, surge or even misfires. When deposits on the cylinder head and piston crown make contact you hear a knocking noise. With just one treatment of BG 44k your system will be cleaner and your engine will run noticeably smoother. A cleaner fuel system also reduces exhaust emissions. The cleaner your fuel system the less likely you are to experience drivability problems and engine knock.

 A clean fuel system usually means a more efficient system. When you restore your system with 44k you move back towards higher gas mileage and the original horse power of your engine.  Engines in vehicles today are smaller and designed to run more efficiently at higher RPMs. This makes them more vulnerable to carbon deposits that can build up in fuel injectors, intake ports, combustion chambers and on intake valves. Even small amounts of carbon can produce increased exhaust emissions, reduced gas mileage, drivability problems and engine knock. Clean fuel systems result in better fuel economy. Added to only one tank of fuel, BG 44K gives your fuel system a total clean-up.

If you have tried BG products before you know the value these products bring to your vehicle. If you have not tried any of the BG products line we suggest starting with the BG 44k Fuel System Cleaner. After only one treatment you will be holed. Being an authorized dealer for BG brings you more value and reinforces our commitment to helping you get the most from your truck. At Longhorn Truck Accessories we treat your truck like family.

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