Thinking of Getting A Set of Off-Road Truck Tires? (PART 2)
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Before heading out and buying the meanest and most intimidating set of off road tires for your truck, Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio Texas advises you to first find out what will best suit your need. You need to ask yourself what type off-road activities you will be doing the most, how much on-road and off-road driving you will be doing, how much are you willing to spend and what qualities in particular are you concerned with (if it’s durability, performance, traction, appearance or ride quality). Taking the time to answer these very important questions can help you narrow down the variety of truck tire choices in the market today.

All Season Tires

All season tires have tread designs that are not for beatings and harsh conditions. If you are not planning to go off-road, this tire can give you long lasting tread that fits well on wet or dry paved roads. Stock vehicles usually come with this type. If you are looking just for the show, this may be the efficient choice for you. It may not give you the popular aggressive look but it can give you tens of thousand miles longer than that aggressive choice.

All Terrain Truck Tires

All terrain truck tires give you versatility whether you aim for on or off road performance. This type of tire typically comes with off-road standards but is modified to also improve street performance. It can handle everyday driving up to light to moderate off-road terrains. They may not work on the most extreme terrains, but they can be very durable on the road.

Extreme Truck Tires

This type of tires is designed especially for extreme off-road such as rock crawling and mud terrains. They have aggressive tread designs that extend to the sidewalls, come with giant lugs with deep voids and with reinforced sidewall construction. Terrain tires are made of durable, cut and puncture resistant materials but do not produce good mileage when driven on the street, particularly at high speeds. They may also be bumpy and noisy due to the wild tread design and huge lugs.

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