Tips on How to Properly Load Your Truck Bed
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Following the cargo weight capacity of your truck will be helpful when it comes to your vehicle’s capacity to carry cargo without damaging the body, drive train or its suspension components. Your truck’s ability to adapt to the added payload is highly determined by where you will place the said cargo on your bed truck. It is best to know that items which are heavy needs to be placed as far away as possible. It is also better to balance the load from left to right whenever possible.

In regards to maximum cargo capacity of trucks with short bed, long bed or step-side, always begin loading at the point closest to the cab, working toward the rear bumper. Always make sure to secure everything with some heavy duty truck accessories such as a ratchet strap, bungee cords, cargo nets or similar devices. Materials that are porous such as sand, dirt and gravel must be loaded into the front half of the bed and spread towards the rear in a repetitive fashion. Putting a liner under the said materials will assist and aid in the unloading process and will even preserve the beauty of your vehicle. The materials stated should also be wrapped with a tarp or other typed of suitable cover. Some states in the US require some types of loads to be always covered. Make sure to check local rulings and ordinances before going to public dumps and landfills since the aforementioned locations are the prime targets when it comes to strict regulation enforcement.

A stable, flat, and level truck bed is the best starting point for any payload of a vehicle. You can achieve this by using an adjustable air spring kit from Air Lift, which you can avail at Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories. If you are in San Antonio, Longhorn offers the most durable, high quality, and professionally installed heavy duty truck accessories in the market today. We only provide the best value for our customers and partnered with trusted vendors and manufacturers which can deliver on time. What are you waiting for?  Call us now!

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