Truck Wheels: Should I Get Steel or Alloy?
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Getting the right set of wheels for your truck can be complicated if you are not aware of the difference between steel or cast alloy wheels. Regardless if you’re aiming for lightweight, maximum shine or even something that can handle off-road workload, it is always important to know the wheel type which best suit your needs. Longhorn Truck Accessories in San Antonio will shed some light on the difference between steel and cast alloy wheels.

Steel wheels are a bit heavier compared to alloy wheels. This type of wheel employs solid construction and heavy duty materials with lots of benefits. How the steel truck wheels were constructed provided more durability and consistency that you will never get out of alloy, therefore it is more uniformed and less prone to wobbling. What’s more, steel truck wheels last very long since they are less porous. This means that they are more resistant to corrosion caused by dirt, sand and even brake depletion.

Steel Wheels

It is heavy duty and durable.

Tough steel wheels are slightly heavier than alloy wheels, they are considered more durable. It is also more malleable as compared to aluminium. This lessens the chances of chipping or braking due to impact.

The composition is consistent.

How the steel wheels were constructed helped them to be more uniform and symmetrical. The uniformity increased the structural integrity of steel wheels which reduces the likelihood of wobbling when driving.

It lasts long.

Since steel trucks are less porous than aluminium wheels, they allow better resistance against dirt, sand and even brake depletion.

Cast alloy wheels

It is made from low-pressure casting

Cast alloy wheels used low pressure casting techniques which resulted to increased malleability. The increased malleability allows it to be more flexible which grants manufacturers a specific level of metallurgic creativity.

It is a highly porous metal compound

Since it is more porous, it allows better airflow through the wheels which assists in cooling down the heat brakes.

The alloy shine is rust resistant.

Cast aluminium alloy wheels are rust-resistant. They are also very easily cleaned, and produce consistent, long-lasting shine.

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