Types of Truck Storage – SUV Storage
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You may think that an SUV has its own built in storage but one of the main obstacles is keeping the rear organized or hidden when someone peaks in through the window. Because SUV’s are built like a glass box it is hard to hide items without people knowing that you’re hiding items.  There are several options for keeping your stored items safe.

The built in secure tool box. Like a tool box for your truck bed you can have a Aluminum, Steel, or even Plastic tool box installed in the rear of the SUV. These usually contour to the make and model of your SUV so that they leave room for you to store other items that may not need to be secured.  These tool boxes also come with locks for added security in case someone does brake into your vehicle.Many manufacturers also make non-secure tool boxes that are better suited to organize your SUV if you are not as concerned with securing valuable items.  An organized storage box that is built for your vehicle makes loading and unloading items easier and faster.One more type of storage is a simple cargo caddy or storage box. These are flat topped units that blend into the floor of your SUV but have a drawer type mechanism or a hinge that lifts like a trunk to give you a hidden layer of storage. These items are designed specifically to match your make and model and are covered to match the rear of your vehicle.

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