Types of Truck Tool Boxes – Hidden Storage
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Today we will cover hidden storage. Most hidden storage is designed for storing things in your cab. This type of storage is great for tools but is often used by hunters who want to transport their rifles and ammo without revealing that the weapon is in the vehicle to avoid the risk of theft.

The most popular type of hidden storage is under the seat storage for the rear of a crew cab or extended cab. Under the seat storage may sound as simple as putting a box under the seat but manufacturers like Du-Ha have created special storage pieces that contour to the design of your truck and account for things like a jack box or other obstruction. Each storage unit is also designed to have different type of compartments to hold tools, riffles or other items.

If you don’t have a crew cab or extended cab you may be surprised at how organized and spacious a behind the seat storage unit can be. Again, these types of units are designed to mold into the specific contours of your truck. This means that every model of Ford, Chevy, Nissan. Toyota and GMC will have it’s own type of box depending on the year.  There are even behind the seat storage boxes that will hold two hunting rifles comfortably and safely.

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