Why A Truck Squat is Not Normal
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Does your truck sag when you tow or haul heavy cargo? Do you think it’s normal for your truck to squat when you have your family or you got the boat or RV hooked up? Contrary to popular belief, this should not happen. Aside from the fact that a truck was not built to be that way, truck sag can equate to a number of possible road hazards:

The truck’s front tires carry much of the vehicle’s steering and power. When the weight is not distributed on both the front and rear tires, it may cause problems when you step on a brake or make a steer.The headlight aim shifts when the truck’s rear squats, as it makes the vehicle angle up. Just the slightest degree of headlight aim shift can greatly skew your vision 500 feet down the road – which can cause road accidents.Your drive will greatly become uncomfortable since minor road bumps and dips are amplified while you are driving your truck.A squat or sag can make the whole truck sway even with just one gust of strong wind. Numerous problems may arise which can bring a total loss of control when this problem is ignored or even over-corrected.The weight of the truck shifts on road corners and curves. Excessive body roll may happen if the squat is not corrected immediately.The truck has a huge possibility to bottom out due to the major weight change as your vehicles shifts from the bumps in the road.

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