Why Get An Air Suspension for your Truck
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An Air Suspension system is used with a truck’s existing leaf or coil springs to eliminate some of the stiff steel suspension problems. Before, air suspension systems are only used for buses and trucks. The advancement in technology has enabled it to be used for a multitude of ways, which includes towing or hauling heavy cargo or RVs and adding street cred with a lowered stance.

An Air suspension system is made up of air springs or air bags and an air line system that is typically connected to an on-board air compressor system. The air springs will raise the chassis from the axle by the compressor’s air pressure. But why get this heavy duty truck accessory for your vehicle?

If you are looking for load support, air springs are perfect since they can be fully adjusted to give both levelling capacity and better ride comfort. Though steel springs can assist your truck with the added load, the additional weight from the steel certainly adds stiffness to the suspension. This will definitely minimize ride comfort when no load is attached to your truck. Adding a rubber jounce bumper can also help in supporting the load, but a lot of drivers reported a harsh, jarring and uncomfortable ride on rough roads.

An air spring is perfect with providing load support that can be adjusted according to your specific load needs. You can add air to give your truck a safer level and comfortable ride with a cargo in tow, deflate it when you need better ride quality without the cargo. It assists in properly distributing the weight in all four of your truck’s tires, resulting to better better braking, less swaying, better steering control, better headlight aim and many more.

For those looking for a full air suspension system in San, just contact Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories. Partnering with AirLift company, Longhorn Truck and Auto Accessories in San Antonio can provide you with the state-of-the-art compressor control system which has the versatility of cockpit with adjustable ride height, something that you most certainly can’t get with the typical coil-over suspension.

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